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Q: Does A1USARealEstate.com sell real estate or rent properties?
A: Absolutely not! We are an online portal for individuals that want to rent or sell their properties.

Q: Does A1USARealEstate.com make a commission form the sale or rental of any of their listings?
A: Absolutely not! All of our revenue is earned from advertising for our valued sponsors and advertisers.

Q. How much will it cost me to advertise my property on A1USARealEstate.com?
A: Not a single penny! That's a deal you won't be able to beat anywhere else.

Q: How is it possible that you can you offer this great service for free?
A: The only way we can offer this service for free is by having our buyers and renters visit our fine sponsors and advertisers websites. We hope that word of mouth will make us #1 on the Internet. If we were to start a paid advertising campaign at this point we would have to charge our sellers, builders and renters to advertise their properties, so please help us spread the word. Tell your friends and ask them to tell their friends. The best advertising is "Word of Mouth" anyway.

Q: What if I want to upload a virtual tour? Does A1USARealEstate.com support that?
A: Yes we do! We have done everything possible to bring you the latest technology and lead capture tools.

Q: What if I want to temporarily remove my listing?
A: Not a problem. You are free to come and go as you please. You'll just need to create an account during your first visit. The account can be updated or removed at any time.

Q: What if I am not happy with the listing?
A: We don't interfere at all with how you display your listing unless the content is unacceptable. You are always free to make changes if you don't like what you see. It's a good idea to see what other people are doing with their listing for additional ideas.

Q: What's the best thing I could do to promote my property on A1USARealEstate.com?
A: Pictures, pictures and more pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words and we strongly recommend that you include as many photos as possible. You should also include as much information about the property as possible.

Q: What else can I do to promote my listing?
A: There are quite a few other things you can do. Here's a small list of ideas:

ü      Upload a floor plan. It can be seen the same way a photo can.

ü      Use the web address (Copy from address bar in browser when your listing is displayed) where your listing is located in your local newspaper or real estate listing ad. Buyers or renters will be able to find out much more than they could about your property by seeing it online.

Q: What advantage does showing my property online give me?
A: The advantage is tremendous! Here are just a few reasons:

ü      As you can imagine, an online ad allows you to show as many as 15 photos or even a virtual tour. You can't do that in a newspaper or magazine without it costing you a bundle.

ü      Foot traffic through the property should be good because potential buyers or renters saw the property online prior to touring the property. There should be good interest with anyone who sees it online and still wants to see it in person.

ü      On the flip side, you won't be opening your home or rental to uninterested individuals because they may have either included or eliminated it as a possibility.

ü      You can upload as many listings as you like. This includes realtors and builders. We say, "The More, the Merrier".

ü      Your ad is online 24/7 and can reach buyers or renters worldwide. Not only that, as many as 85% of buyers are beginning their home search online. As the Internet continues to grow so will this statistic.

ü      Realtor and Builder lead capture and networking opportunities. How many places can a realtor or builder find these days that will allow them to capture leads for free?

ü      Increased sales for realtors and builders due to increased exposure for their properties.

ü      Rental companies and FSBO's (For Sale by Owner) can save commissions to realtors and property management companies by selling an renting themselves.

The list goes on and on. There really aren't any negatives about selling or renting your property online for free. However; we would like for you to pay special attention to the last question.

Q: What about our personal safety when meeting strangers that seem to be interested in our listing?
A:  Here are a few ideas:

  1. Always get as much information as possible from you contact. See what you can learn from the information about the individual/s. This goes for all parties!
  2. As with any contact with strangers on the Internet, we highly recommend that you do everything possible to ensure your safety. This includes letting trusted friends or family know your plans and exactly where you will be and at what time whether you are going to see a property or if someone is coming to see your property.
  3. There is safety in numbers. Have someone you feel safe with you whether you are viewing a property or showing a property.
  4. Stay away from dark, unlit areas. Try to do the showing or preview during daylight hours.